Finance is an essential part of every business, but it can quickly get confusing. In this section, you can find advice on how to improve how you manage your finances.

Why should I care?

It is easy to avoid talking about money. But avoiding it can have drastic consequences in the long term. Looking at finances now could increase your income, reduce stress about money and protect you in the future.

Where do I stand?

2 minute farmer are hoping to develop a tool that will help farmers to assess their finances, and provide short and simple peices of advice on the topic.

If you would like to get involved with this please email:

For a full assessment go to our wheel tool

How can I improve?

We have several resources to explore

Resource efficiency

This is custom heading element Reduced till FYM & Slurry

FYM & Slurry

FYM & SlurryReduced till FYM & Slurry Swarm HubFarm Crap App ProMixing slurry safelyManaging slurry on farmsSwarm Hub is a sustainable resource management information hub with a specific focus on south west farms. The managing manures section is a great resource when considering efficient and effective use of farm yard manures (FYM) and slurry. The [...]

Reduced till

Reduced till FYM & Slurry Resource: Analysing reduced tillage practices within a bio-economic modelling framework Townsend el al. (2016) uses a bio-economic model to quantify the implications of reduced intensity tillage practices when crop mixes are optimised for profit, net energy maximisation and minimal greenhouse gas emissions. The study looked at both economic and environmental impacts. [...]

Or go to these external links

Farmers Weekly


This article introduces our videos. It talks about some of the aims of 2 minute farmer.

Yellow Wellies


One of our team wrote this article. As he is supporting the farming sector to question some of its attitudes. Initially by encouraging farmers to ask themselves “What specifically are you going to do differently to make your farm safer?”. For quick ideas on how you can create a safer farm go to our farm safety page.


Tractor Wheel of Life Self Assessment Tool

When 2 minute farmer developed it’s “Tractor Wheel of Life” tool FarmBusiness published this article to about it. It talks about the benefits of farmers spending a few minutes to assess their business with the tool.

Please get in contact if you would like involve 2 minute farmer in any news or media. Any blogs written by us can also by found here.