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2 Minute Farmer is a research project whose mission is to help farmers assess and improve their farms in 2 minute bursts. Working with Cornish businesses, we are creating a variety of tools that provide information and advice to farmers in these bite-size chunks. Explore our website to try out these tools, and to potentially learn something new.

No one is perfect, so no farm is perfect, and there is always something that can be learnt and changed. But modern life is complex, and figuring out where to start can become overwhelming. So if you want a bit of help prioritising which area to work on first, then try out our self-assessment tool. The website also has a lot of helpful material, including videos and information about our research with businesses who support farmers.

2 Minute Farmer is a collaboration between Stephens Scown LLP and the Rural Business School, supported by the Agri-Tech Cornwall Project.

We want to hear from you.

This site is under construction. New content will be added as the research project develops. If there is anything that you want to see, or if you have any feedback on what is already on the site. Then please get in touch.

Improve Your Farm

Do you have a spare 2 minutes? Then please click on the boxes below to explore the 2 minute farmer tool kit.

The Tractor Of Farm Life

Tractor pulling a heavy load of hay bales. The bales represent represent farming issues including health, succession, regulations, money and the future.

A farm’s performance (the tractor) needs to be able to pull a trailerĀ full of stresses and challenges. This diagram helps farms to identify whether they are speeding ahead or breaking down.

Meet Dave and Sarah

Farmers Dave and Sarah

Meet Dave and Sarah as they wrestle with the challenges of farming life.

Farm Self-assessment

Farm business self-Assessment

Undertake a quick self assessment of your farm business.

Knowledge Hub


Explore the 2 Minute Farmer Knowledge Hub, which contains loads of information about farm businesses. There is short and simple advice for a broad range of areas.

Increase your Knowledge of the Farming Sector

The agricultural sector doesn’t only contain farmers. Subsequently, many different businesses are essential to keep food on our plates. Businesses such as consultants, solicitors and accountants provide important services to farmers. Therefore, we are working with several of these types of businesses in Cornwall to improve knowledge exchange across the sector.

Our Research


2 Minute Farmer is creating bite-sized information about the agricultural sector. We are collecting data from the literature, our own research and farm business survey data in order to produce these.

Our Survey

A hand putting a leaflets into a collection box. The leaflet is a hard copy of the information in farming survey.

We are currently asking farmers to fill out our survey. This will increase the industries’ knowledge of decision-making on farms.



Have a look at who we are currently collaborating with.

Our Partners

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