Meet Dave and Sarah

Why are you farming

Sarah wants to know why they are farming and is considering whether the business is worth the sacrifices they are making. She wants to tackle issues head on, but husband Dave is reluctant to communicate.

Other forms of income

Dave is feeling trapped and feels lack of planning has meant that retirement will remain a pipe dream. The conversation turns to the future of the farm business and other potential forms of income.

Mental health & wellbeing

The pressures of the farm business begin to take a toll on Dave’s mental health. Sarah is worried and encourages him to open up.

Time to talk

Sarah persuades Dave to take half an hour away from the farm to have a proper conversation about the issues they are facing.

New ideas

Feeling inspired, Dave and Sarah reflect on the benefits of taking some time out. With heads full of new ideas, they plan to take action.

Seeking advice

Dave and Sarah are feeling overwhelmed by their new venture and decide to seek advice and limit the risks

Research, insights, and renewed confidence

Sarah reaches out to the online community for help and begins to connect with other farmers with similar challenges.

Plan decided, but what about succession?

Dave and Sarah have a new business plan but are concerned that other family members could inherit a share of their new business. They discuss the issue of equal inheritance not necessarily being a fair inheritance and consider the possibility that their sons may not want to take over the farm in the future.

Broaching with family

Dave suggests holding a family meeting to discuss the current challenges, the future of the farm and fair expectations.