Farming and the Environment

Explore our advice, tips and tools on looking after your environment.

Look after your environment and your environment will look after you

Why should you look after the environment?

As farmers, we are the custodians of the countryside. If we look after the farm environment and utilise resources sustainably, it will provide in terms of productivity.


As the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) is phased out, funding will become available through Environmental Land Management Schemes (ELMs). The scheme will also replace Countryside Stewardship. We will receive payment for environmental services and benefits including improved air, water and soil quality, increased biodiversity, climate change mitigation, cultural benefits and better protection of historic environments.


Some of us already choose certain environmental management practices to enhance our own wellbeing by indulging in our interests e.g. some of us with in interest in ornithology manage land to encourage birdlife.


With that in mind, why not get ahead of the game?

Wildflowers in a field margin on a sunny day