Knowledge Hub

The 2 Minute Farmer Knowledge Hub contains loads of information about farm businesses. There is short and simple advice for a broad range of areas. This can be as videos, text and diagrams. So have an explore and if there is anything that you would like to see more off let us know.



Reduce the impacts of changes that aren’t in your control by planning for the future.


The productivity hub helps you to identify how you can improve returns on your farm.


Keeping your paperwork up to date is more than just compliance. Doing so will aim your decision making on farm and improve margins.


Information on taxes, improving gross margins and where to go for advice.


As farmers, we are the custodians of the countryside. If we look after the environment and utilise resources sustainably, it will provide in terms of productivity.


A farm business is nothing without its manager and team. Therefore, it is essential that farmers look after themselves and aim to have a high quality of life.


Information and tips on building a strong team on the farm. As well as information on how to make your farm a safe work environment.


Are you making the best use of your farms assets or you utilise them more efficiently to produce greater profits?