2 Minute Farmer works with Cornish businesses to produce tools for the farming community. We also help them better understand the needs of the farming community

Current Collaborations

Farming Health Hub

Farming Health Hub is a community interest company that provides support to the farming community. It focuses on three main strands: Physical Health, Mental Health and Business Health. In order to do this, they will bring together organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors to provide advice, support and guidance to farming communities in local venues. Venues will include livestock markets, pop ups and other locations frequented by the local farming community. This new approach provides an alternative to visiting traditional formal environments.


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SimSage Ltd

The problem the world over is that while more and more information is available online each year, we simply can’t find what we’re looking for when we need it. Often when we find answers online, they are written in a way that is not easy to understand. SimSage is working with Duchy College and the wider agricultural industry to help farmers and others find relevant and accurate information quickly when it’s needed. SimSage has a highly-specialised Search Engine and an Artificial Intelligence “bot” that allows people to pose questions in their own way, using common acronyms, abbreviations and language, and to understand how the community best wants to see that information (eg: text, diagrams, videos).

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