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Our mission is to help farmers assess and improve their farms in 2 minute bursts

What does 2 Minute Farmer aim to do?

2 Minute Farmer aims to identify what factors are contributing to the technical efficiency and knowledge gap in British Agriculture. This will involve developing services that farming related businesses can use to improve technical and business knowledge in the sector. examples of our services include self assessment tools and a knowledge hub resource

The Knowledge Hub

The knowledge hub contains bite-sized information on complex issues. Once developed, we want it to be the first port of call for farmers seeking for information.  Therefore, it will contain information covering a broad range of topics such as finance, succession and mental health. Each topic will contain short, simplified answers to common questions and provide information in a layered format. Also, it will signpost the user to businesses and websites for more in-depth advice. If you are interested in helping us develop the knowledge hub, or would like your business to be signposted to, then please get in contact with us.

The Tool Kit