Removing the succession planning elephant from the room

Succession Planning – How to remove the elephants from the room

[caption id="attachment_1348" align="alignright" width="300"] Click to download your copy[/caption] So how do you remove the elephants from the room when it comes to succession planning? Perhaps we can use a technique from business circles known as a ‘premortem’. It involves imagining at the start of a project that it has failed, allowing

tractor tyre

The Tractor Wheel of Life – a quick way to check the pulse of your business

“I’ll think of something.” That’s a farmer’s answer to every problem – and usually they do as they’re incredibly resourceful, talented people with an amazing work ethic. They do it until it comes to their own wellbeing. Many of you reading the words ‘farmer’s wellbeing’ are probably starting to feel uncomfortable, a