Tool Kit


We have developed a variety of tools that you can use to assess and improve your farm business. Use these tools to break down big, complex problems into smaller, simpler chunks.

Icon of a toolbox containing a spanner, screwdriver, ruler and pencil. With the 2 minute farmer logo on the front
designed by monkik from Flaticon

Our Tools

Tractor Wheel of Life Self Assessment Tool

The tractor wheel of life will help you identify how satisfied you are with each area of your current farming life.

Tractor pulling a heavy load of hay bales. The bales represent represent farming issues including health, succession, regulations, money and the future.

A farm’s performance (the tractor) needs to be able to pull a trailer full of stresses and challenges. This diagram helps farmer to identify whether they are speeding ahead or breaking down.

succession snakes and ladders game

This snakes and ladders games encourages you to think about some of the issues you may face when it comes to succession planning